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Done For You Artist Website

Your own music website is the ONLY truly secure place to stay connected to your followers!

We understand that building your own website can be a tedious job so we did the heavy lifting for you!

GU PLUS Web Stock Images (2).png

Here's How It Works

1. Create your account at (It's Free - with basic wix site.)
2. Purchase your desired template (below).

3. Enter your email address associated with your WIX account in personalization field.
4. Within 48 hours you will receive an email from WIX.
5. Accept the template transfer. Once you accept the template transfer then it will be appear in your Wix account.
6. Log in to your account and customize your website template. (It's beginner friendly & you can find tons of tutorials on YouTube to help you).
7. Enjoy your new website!!!

Select Your Template

Click The Images to View a Demo of Each Site

Demo Site Template (2).png

GU Basic Website

Demo Site Template.png

GU Plus Website

One Last Thing!

To make things even easier on you, select the option to have us install and customize your website template for you! Simply click the Install & Customize option at check out! You can have your website up and running in less than a week! 

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