When was the last time you prayed specifically over your music ministry? With this one of a kind journal, you will develop the habit of going to God FIRST for every area of your ministry and create a music ministry that is God ordained and directed.


If you are:

  • Struggling to grow your ministry
  • Lacking motivation and zeal
  • Feeling alone on your musical journey
  • Struggling to get clarity on your specific assignment
  • Needing discernment to navigate the music industry
  • Looking for direction
  • Struggling with fear, anxiety, and humility

and so much more... this is the prayer journal FOR YOU!


Level up your prayer, ministry, and life through this prayer journal.


Just as God has given you the vision and creativity God is ALSO waiting to give you the strategic plan on how to execute that vision.


This journal has 3 sections:

  • The Guided Prayers
  • The Personalized Prayers
  • The Answered Prayers


Having a successful music ministry begins with having a SOLID prayer life. Specify the prayers you pray over your music ministry with Create In Me and watch as God moves you from idea to reality.


The world is waiting on you to take your place in the kingdom and share the abundance of blessings God has placed on the inside of you. Create in Me will help you in connecting with God so that you can create according to His perfect will.

Create In Me | A Prayer Journal for Gospel Artists

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