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The Gospel Underground is the only podcast that helps new and aspiring gospel artists develop the skills to create influential and impactful music ministries.


Who We Are

The Gospel Underground is an artist development agency, where we help new and aspiring gospel artists develop the skills to become purposeful and impactful music ministers through strong brand identity and brand messaging.


Artist Development At Your Fingertips

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What We Do


Looking to strengthen your pen game? Let us help you craft cohesive, creative, and biblically based songs that are pleasing to the ear and The Father. Songwriting is a craft that must be handled with diligence. Our songwriting masterclass is designed to help you hear from God to put pen to paper to write a new song for God's people to sing.

Brand Development

Let us help you strategically grow and strengthen your connection with your desired audience through our Biblical Brand Blueprint Mentorship Program.

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Brand Strategy

Let us help you build a creative marketing campaign for your next single or project release. Having great music is HUGE but without a creative marketing campaign, no one will know it exists. Let us help you launch your music to an anticipating audience.

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