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Where gospel artists build the foundation for a long lasting ministry

For intentional, and ambitious gospel artists

During this 6-week mentorship program I will teach you the foundational elements needed to launch and grow your music ministry from the ground up.

Develop the skills to become a purposeful and impactful music minister

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  • Increase your confidence and defeat doubt

  • Get clarity and direction by setting strategic goals

  • Build a dependable team to support and grow your ministry

  • Create a signature marketing plan with and without social media

  • Develop a repeatable success plan for releasing new music

  • Foster meaningful relationships with the media and master every interview

If any of that sounds like you

Look No Further!

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Whether you are in entrepreneurship, ministry or both, building a brand that creates community is KEY. The key to building a brand is great intention and strategy. As believers we can no longer afford to "wing it" when it comes to the work of the Lord. The Indie Artist Academy is YOUR KEY to an intentional and strategic music ministry.

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  • Week #1 Ministry Begins With You

 In week 1 I will assist you in discovering your unique assignment for gospel music, identifying your target audience, increasing your strengths and building on your weaknesses.

  • Week #2 Commanding Rooms

During week 2 You will learn the art of stage presence and how to minister with power and authority.

  • Week #3 Graced for the Journey

Half way through the program we will uncover your ministry's goals to determine which elements need additional support and identify the best individuals to assist in those areas.

  • Week #4 The Road to Release

On week 4 I will teach you my four P's to Project Planning and assist you in creating a signature success plan for releasing new music

  • Week #5 Market Like You Mean It

During week 5 we will capitalize on your strengths (we learned about in week 1) and use them to create a marketing/promotion plan that feels natural and best suits your ministry.

  • Week #6 Master the Media

In our final week, I will serve as your personal media coach, teaching you how to interview, how to build long lasting relationships with media personalities and how to navigate all forms of media.

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Apply for mentorship TODAY and begin building the foundation to an impactful music ministry

Here's What You Can Expect...

  • Weekly Mentorship Calls (via Zoom)

  • Replay of all weekly mentorship calls

  • Email access to Jenise for additional support

  • Free copy of the Create In Me Prayer Journal

  • Weekly assignments

  • Access to the Assigned to Win Masterclass

  • A custom music release road map

  • Access to the signature GU Conversations Kit

  • so much more...


Round #1 begins Feb. 9th and ends March 16th

Recording Studio


You will have the opportunity to have an exclusive interview and your music played on radio through our respected affiliates. Click HERE to learn more about our radio affiliate. 

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